• Loste Tradi-France : fabricant et fournisseur de jambon cuit

Wholesaler of ham cooked on the bone

The benefits of the range

Loste Tradi-France/Jambons cuits


Our production methods are controlled every year by an independent certification body, a guarantee of the dependability of our products.

Loste Tradi-France/Jambons cuits


A varied range of cooked hams to meet the different expectations of your consumers: unbeatable hams, with or without rind, or hams cooked on the bone with an authentic flavour.

Loste Tradi-France/Jambons cuits


Nearly all of our cooked hams are made from French pork or come from regional producers.

Loste Tradi-France/Jambons cuits


Our superior quality hams are made in our workshops in Peyrolles-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône) and Montfort-sur-Meu (Ille-et-Vilaine).

Discover our other products

  • Le Noixfine original - jambon cuit Loste Tradi-France

    Noixfine « Original AC »

  • Le Noixfine réserve AC - jambon cuit Loste Tradi-France

    Noixfine « Réserve » AC

  • Le Noixfine demi-fémur - jambon cuit Loste Tradi-France

    Noixfine « 1/2 fémur » without hock

  • Le combalou - jambon cuit Loste Tradi-France

    Le Combalou superior ham

  • Le Noixfine porc fermier - jambon cuit Loste Tradi-France

    Noixfine "Farmers' pork"

  • Le Noixfine tradition - jambon cuit Loste Tradi-France

    Noixfine Tradition without rind

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